Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cool stuff that has popped up that you have probably seen

This makes me wish I was back in Wellington actually participating in life there for a change.
Also - this is The Conjurors

Yeeeeaaaaaaaah! PEOW PEOW OWN that shit.
That's all I can think of in the two seconds that I have written this post in. Although you should spend more time than that with these two pieces of music. They are sexy. Take them on a date. Talk about how good they look and how interesting their conversation is.
Also there is this Cool Times Dying Gooseling album by Tommy Ill. What a super champ he is! SUPERCHAMP!
I also enjoy this now too.

ALSO - thoughts for the day.
1. Do I only ever write about like 5 bands?
2. What are we gonna do when all the band names are used up? Are we gonna have to do that thing we did with hotmail accounts and be like

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