Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Creative Capital oi oi oi


A group called Concerned Citizens who, from what I can tell, are situated in Wellington are starting up 19 Tory St - a radically participatory " for open-source art, learning, music, exhibitions, workshops, film screenings, talks, markets and more."

Photo by Arlo Edwards

Fuck it sounds awesome. They have open Google docs (I love that shit) and are wanting everyone who can to get involved. DO IT!

CRACKA BONZA DUDES! Although I love Wellington to pieces, it always seemed like it was a place where you were paid like you were in a small town in NZ, and it charged the prices that Auckland people pay. How are you supposed to stimulate a vibrant cultured city if the rent is so high that you can't even begin to think that you could start an artist run space yourself! Or have a studio to work in! Or buy a coffee at a cafe to sit at, get ya moleskin out and think about ways of conquering the world! LOL.

Thanks to Letting Spaces this stupid rule has been broken, and it seems like the Creative Capital can finally start living up to its name oi.

I know it's unfair to make those assumptions and shit cause I know I could have put more energy into it and done something myself, but I almost felt defeated by it all. Now I'm spoilt for choice aren't I. Aren't I? Something I have realised while being over in London is that if you have an idea, ROLL HARD WITH IT. I don't know why it has taken me a trip half way across the world, but suck it up it did ok?


If you are in Wellington you should check out the launch of 19 Tory St. Way to make me jealous of not being in NZ, dudes.

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