Friday, March 30, 2012

What a girl wants, What a girl needs

Christina got it, and it seem London totally gets it too oi!
OK so it's not just about what a girl wants, but what people want!

I guess cause there are so many people here, many people don't have back yards, things need to happen quickly and efficiently yadda yadda yadda, etc, that it seems London "gets" what people want/like/need.

A quick example is the CITY FARMS!!!

Oh yeah check that shit out. You can just walk in to one of these dudes and be all "Hey Mr Pig. Man I really needed some down time and hanging out with you is really comforting and gives me some time out from the big city. Thanks for being you." It's kind of like the Cat Cafes in Japan!!

I know it's easy to be a dick and simplify everything, but I remember walking around Wellington and thinking "psh, why are they putting up another crappy block of cheap ass flats that totally suck. Why didn't they put something people friendly in there like a park or ferris wheel or something interesting instead." I KNOW IT ISN'T THAT SIMPLE, but I really think cause of the population and space constraints here that everything needs to be thought about in terms of what people actually really really need. City is big and spread out = need efficient transport system. People don't have lots of space in their homes = need some parks where people can hang out and zoos where people can chill out and hand with some cool animals etc, etc. And I like how it works like that with things and it's an observation ok?

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