Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thirst Thursdays

Woah I just came up with that title just now - I'm punny as!! OK I haven't explained the pun yet, but I'll explain on the way and seriously, you will just crack up as much as I did!
OK so it seems that the first Thursday of every month in East London where I live they have a thing called First Thursdays (BOOM! There's the premise of the joke - more to be explained in a minute) which is where art galleries open up late and serve BOOZE (TA DA! Sigh of relief that joke is now fully realised).

Here's the link oi.

I'm coming up to my first real fair dinkum one this week. I'll have to take some pictures and make a b-log about it, but I love it how just in one quarter there can be this huge art event every month! I mean, at the moment I am working in a solo studio space in a building with all artists and musicians!! WHHAAAT?!?!

Me celebrating life with Sasha
I know I should elaborate but I've been running around all week tubing and carrying buttloads of shit. Even though London is great, it totally rinses you out. I've got blisters on me feet and hands just from going to the supermarket. WTF. 

Anyway - gonna watch some BBC now.

Here's a picture of my second visitor (Sasha was the first - more on her soon).


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