Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady day two.

I'm gonna call this guy Mr Smoosh. Just cause that's what he feels like he should be called. 

OK another thing that is amazing about London apart from the frequency of cat visits is that you can turn a corner and then BOOM - you are surrounded by art. 

Like check out this little alley way I happened to turn down in to one day. Little dongle ding dongs hanging all down the alley way! Secret art! Fudgecicles I wish I could remember where it was, but all the streets start looking the same after a while. It's pretty disorientating.

I love the mish mash of it all. All old and new stuff just smooshed together like it ain't no thang.

Like this:
SMOOSH. OK maybe I need a better examples. I'll take some photos of the architectural smoosh soon.

I was walking to the Tate one day with my friend Meg and all of a sudden BAM - we walk under a bridge and look up there is a huge net of programmed lights making all these patterns in the underside of the bridge. Wish I had taken a photo but I was a bit spell bound by the whole thing and forgot. London, you get a big YUS from me for that.

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