Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wednesday continued...

A happy turn of events happened for me on Wednesday. My friend Meg was sick (not happy for Meg, but she is ok now, ok) and just happened to have two tickets to see the Dum Dum Girls that needed to be utilised and gave me a holla about it. THANKS MEG! 

So I holla'd to my friend Sasha and it was a date.

I was still at the ICA when Meg gave me a text. I just wanna show you a picture of the street it was on.

EPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC. I saw this street when I was at the National portrait gallery, and some days this street is lined with HUGE British flags. The other photo I have of the street is boring, so if I chance upon it when it's looking epic again I'll take a photo.

 As I was walking to the tube station when I saw a whole bunch of people crowded around something. I was all "WHAT'S WITH ALL THESE DUDES?"


And you know what's down from Downing St??

BIG BEN! To be honest, I never really understood when Big Ben was so sexy to everyone. BUT Shhhheeeiiiiiiiit. Big Ben is EPIC! I wish I had got a photo when the sun was shining cause it GLOWS.


So then I made my way over to Sasha's house, we had a few drinks of her nice Whiskey (it makes all the difference) and then we headed on out.

Did you realise that this was my first gig in London? How lame am I. Nah I do what I wanna shuttup.

These babes are really great performers, but the songs get a bit samey after a while. AND - NO ONE DANCES HERE. So weird... I felt like Dancing Stevie in Auckland.

Then I passed my favourite place in the world on my way home.

Cool story huh?