Thursday, April 12, 2012

The ICA Remote Control exhibition - HALLELUJAH!

London can really be a bit overwhelming. It's like, there is so much shit on, what should I do?

So I decided to bite the knuckle on it's head and GO OUTSIDE. HALLELUJAH!

I went to the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). It's pretty cool and small enough so that you can actually take everything in.

The exhibition on at the moment is called Remote Control, and is about the impact that TV has had on culture and artists. MY CUP OF TEA COMPLETELY!!! As well as physical objects it had VIDEO AAARRRRTTTT. Hallelujah again!

And hey look - who's work is this??

SIMON DENNY! HE IS FROM NZ!! OK I still get chuffed every time I see anything to do with NZ. I've always loved Denny's work. I remember one of his works in Prospect in Wellington. He had a mat and some ball bearings - but I can never find anything about it on the internet. If you can point me towards something relevant that would be cool.

I was going to google a list of works that I saw and put them up, but I came across this great playlist that the ICA had put together a playlist that is relevant to the show. Enjoy!

Also - here are some pictures of the floor cause it was cool.

Then I ended up going out on the town, but more about that later... 

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