Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Fursday Fail

So I told you about how I was going to go to First Thursdays, right? 

Well I did go with my friend Sasha (who I still have to blog about ok), but little did I realise that you REALLY have to plan when you are going out.

We went around Redchurch St:
And it was all well and good, but yeah it seems like you actually have to really really, really plan where you head for the night. Even though there seems like there is a lot going on over the city (when you look at the big map it's real chocka), IRL it's always a lot further than you think it's going to be!!

A lot of the art was shit. There was one painting show where the painter was trying to be expressionist but it was way too calculated... it was trying to be raw without any of the energy or excitement in the marks. Booooring. Art that is trying to be ART but is (f)art.

BUT - we did come across this. 

Swiiiiinnnnnggggs! YAY! Art that isn't so dry that you feel like you are running your tongue across the Sahara.

This dude called Will Cruickshank made this work called 'Swing Time' at Studio 1.1 gallery

We first walked in to the room and saw images like this one below along the wall. Wamp wamp. Looked like boring computer drawings.

Then you see two people on some swings. What's the correlation??!!


Basically what people do is swing together on the swings that Will has made, and how they swing together dictates a drawing. Two needles get put down on two plates covered with acrylic paint (that's the thing below in the picture), and as the people swing it moves the needles around.

It was just kinda nice, ya know. So the boring drawings at the beginning were actually these lovely works created by a relationship you have with someone. And even though when you first see the drawings it seems kinda lame, it's nice to know that people have this little secret about why this thing is special.

Oh art!

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